Charles Azbell Gallery


Biography – Charles Azbell

Charles Azbell was born in Texas and has lived most of his 63 years in northern New Mexico and Santa Fe. “Born with a paint brush in his hand, Charles has had no formal training and has been a successful artist for more than 40 years. His passion for painting has enabled him to have a wide variety of styles. He is known for his paintings of historic pueblo pottery, breathtaking skyscapes, his Magic People Series, his Abstract Imagination Series, his Color Fields Series as well as other subject matter that touches him. “If he can’t paint, he can’t breathe”. His art gallery in Santa Fe is going on 26 years with collectors all over the world. When not painting in his studio (at an altitude of 8000 ft) Charles is a stone mason and is also an avid skier – he likes to paint in the morning and ski all afternoon. He also enjoys riding his Harley and building vintage automobiles. All these interests keep his creative juices flowing and his gallery filled with beautiful paintings.